Monday, April 30, 2012


Republicans dislike the truth,
They bring their own facts to the fight,
They know when you’re peddling snake oil,
You keep the damn snake out of sight,

They cry global warming’s a hoax,
Suspicious of gravity too,
It’s rumored they still think the world is flat,
I’m sure they have facts if they do.

They think evolution's a liberal trick,
They say contraception's not right,
Their facts show the tax-cut fairy.
Can wipe out the debt overnight.

Their ongoing war on women,
Is too big to hide with a lie,
So what do they do when everything shows?
Deny, deny, deny.

They’re still busy proving our president,
Was some kind of fraud all along,
They cherish the thought they’re the only ones right,
While the rest of the world is wrong.