Monday, September 22, 2014


He looks down on mankind's mortal mess,
And He’s more than a little dismayed,
Sternly He speaks:  We have to talk,
Humanity’s fabric is frayed.

I taketh offense at you fortunate few,
Who’ve grabbed so much of the gold,
While needy masses of dispossessed,
Sleep outside in the cold.

I wonder what part of the golden rule,
You corporate crooks don’t get,
Your sinful, greedy ill-gotten gains,
Exceedeth the national debt!

Remember the camel…the eye of the needle?
Salvation’s not meant to be free,
In My Book, greed is the deadliest sin,
So don’t come praying to me.

I mourn humanity’s loss of compassion,
And greed is its primal tool,
Whoever would meet thy Maker (that’s Me!),
Live thee by My Golden Rule!